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Sunday, December 6, 2009

A song for AJ at Christmas

Hello ScoFans!

Well, the holiday season is quickly approaching and looking around the bloggosphere, it really is beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

So this week I thought I'd get in on the Christmas spirit.

But before I do, there is a bit of Christmas spirit happening for US Citizens over at "In Joy And Sorrow" You can win some desserty cakey type things that are apparently pretty good. I wouldn't know. Don't worry, you won't be competing against me because this whole competition reeks of discrimination against those of us unfortunate enough to not be in the US, but if you are in the US head on over and get a chance to win yourself some good food.

And, if like me you're not in the US, make yourself an awesome dessert out of chocolate and tears, crying to yourself saying "I don't need them anyway"

Anyway, back to what I was saying before I got interrupted by.. myself.

Of course this time of year, we're going to be seeing a lot more of our families. Especially the parts of the family we don't see very often. And I know, that having a two year old niece she is going to be the highlight of everyone's Christmas again this year. Because she's the first grandchild for my parents generation, she's the first child for my generation and of course the first great grandchild for my grandparents.

And that's why, as the first child of my generation, I thought I'd rewrite (I use the term rewrite loosely, I did keep a lot of the original lyrics because they couldn't be improved upon.. I guess "personalised" would be a more appropriate term then "rewrite".. yeah, let's try that and see how it goes), sorry, did I say rewrite? I meant I thought I'd personalise this song a little bit for the source of all of our joys this Christmas, one first born to another.

Let me know what you think..

Every night I lay awake
With sorrow in my chest
I think of AJ and wonder
Is she getting rest?
Does she know each second
She's only second best?

Tossing in her bed
What's she feeling? Dread?

I’m better
Better than Mil
In so many ways
I find it a thrill
Oh sure Mil is great
Best isn't her fate
'Cause I'm so unreal
I’m better

When I was getting HD's
She wasn't even born
Who's memorised the lyrics to
every Tool song?
Who fights their way to work through
a crowd in a throng?

Look at Mil cryin'
So bad she's tryin'

She makes Duplo towers
And everyone claps
I write awesome posts
No one applauds that
I’ve beaten GTA 3
What are the odds?

Now my ears are ringin'
‘Cause everyone's singin'

I’m better
Better than Mil
At so many things
It's hard to conceal
Oh sure she says "Pabaw"
"Pabaw's" not real
How dumb do you feel?
I'm better

Mil likes to play hide and seek
Well so do I niece
But I hide my body
You just hide your face
You hide behind your hands
My hidings ace

Now I've got your nose
But no blood on my clothes, yeah

People see me in the street
Can't believe that it's me
They know I would never need to
Play make believe
Except about the throng crowd
It's more of a sea

At least I'm not prone
To dancing alone

Look at her smallness
Compared to my tallness
My opening door-ness
My catching of ball-ness
The way I don't fall-ness
How I make phone call-ness
The way I'm so flaw-less
My just all in all-ness

My wonderful me-ness
My smile – My people can tell
That I'm awfully swell
While Mil has a weird smell
I’m just sayin oh well

I’m better
Better than Mil
At- where do I start?
Well first I don't squeal
We raced on the deck
And who beat the rest?
Can't help I'm the best
I’m better than Mil

Yeah Yeah Yeah
I’m better than Mil
Who's jumped on a moving
She plays with her toys
And again she squeals
When her toys I steal
I’m better than Mil

Do you think I should stand up at Christmas dinner and start singing? Oh, and if you want to hear and enjoy the original song so you can learn the tune and then sing along to this version, here it is..

Until Friday...


  1. Yes. You should stand up at Christmas dinner and sing it. I'm sure you will get an awesome blog post from everyone's reaction.

  2. yah so i'm getting a little bit bitter about all the places that i get rejected from the internet because i'm not in america...don't they know that i'm american???? shouldn't i STILL be able to access them? there's not a secret american passcode???haha :)

  3. This is just priceless. Thanks much for making my Sunday. :)

  4. aww, I am so sorry that my giveaway discriminates :( but I will have something for everyone, soon!! and thank you for passing on the word! ahaha! Come to think of it you can join I just dont promise that when the prize gets there it will be edible aha! And that song is funny, you should totally sing that!! :)....

  5. Sing it in the nude. They love that shit at Christmas.

  6. I've heard of sibling rivalry, but you've just gone one better there.

  7. Nicely done! LOL@ ed. I may have to agree with him. Nude is always awesome! hahahahahahaha

    I guess I understand that some people don't want to send over seas or to another country, it does cost extra, but to me, there is no point holding a contest or having a give away if it's not to everyone. But that's just me.

  8. just fyi - you are up for top blog this friday. i think it's going to be great and thanks again for sharing with me and my followers

  9. So..... When it the record being released?

  10. Ahahahahahahaha! My favorite part - I've got your nose with no blood on my clothes. ADORABLE!!! I love nieces and nephews. They're SO MUCH FUN!!!

    And your song was CLASSIC!!! Even though I know you don't mean a word of it. :)

  11. Sing.....sing a song......sing it loud......sing it strong.......

    Anyhoo, unfortunately we all don't get family happy at xmas, although I may be seeing a sister, generally it's no one.

  12. you have to sing jst to see people's reaction actually could you take a camera wit you and record it all for your readers?

  13. Sco. I gave you an award. feel special... Use it wisely.

  14. definitely sing this.
    this is why I want to have a child to have my kid be the favorite in the family


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