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Friday, January 8, 2010

Facebook Fail Friday #14- Hope you enjoyed your holidays

Hello ScoFans!

Well, it's the last day of my holidays (weekends don't count as holidays. They're weekends. I'd have them off anyway) and I spent a lot of time with my family. That's what the holiday season is for, right?

Well for most of us. But family is not always a good thing, as demonstrated in the first Facebook Fail Friday of the new year...

Typo's are always funniest when the person is talking up how great they are.

It's bad enough broadcasting you'll be attending this to your Facebook friends, but to do it when your mum is one of your Facebook friends? That's all kinds of wrong (and it gives your ex's who have been stalking you the chance to hit "like" and make some nasty comment)

I know someone who wore 3 think coats to Christmas lunch.

Glad to see your mother fighting off death in the ER hasn't cramped your social life buddy.

Now THAT'S awkward.

Until Sunday...


  1. OH WOW....


    The ER one is the funniest/saddest.

    (I was bit confused at first because your post is Facebook Fail Friday--it's only Thursday here...then I remembered where you're from; too bad it's still Thursday here.)

  2. roflmbo ummm the girl in the bikini one and her dad yeah wee bit keeping it in the blood line huh.. rest of them hilarious if not a tad bit awkward

  3. This scares me. It is why I contemplate canceling my fb account daily. Life will never be the same now that my parent's are on it!

  4. those last few are so awkward! I almost feel dirty and the dad's comment...

    I would love it if you would guest post for Travel Abroad Thursday...I always want to pick Australia for a place but I fear you might catch me talking BS. :)

  5. omg, I think the girl in the bikini takes the cake. LOL!

  6. EWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

    ''Smart'' people making spelling mistakes!!!!

    Dad and daughter....EWWWWWWWWW

    Son going to idiot's guide to amazing sex, well mum, what did you expect from a boy?

  7. Jd knows dedication & fun! I need a friend like Jd


    Have a good weekend, Scott!!

  8. Ha! Can't decide if I love # 2 or # 5 the most!

  9. omg.. these are priceless... haha.

  10. how do you find these serioulsy I am amazed and I love them God do I love them it is halarious, lol I cant believe people sometimes ahaha! I am glad you enjoyed your time off, back to reality huh? :(

  11. Seriously, are these people your facebook friends, Sco? I'm amazed.

    Ps. More reasons to not have any families in facebook. But some of my family already are so I set all these privacy settings on them whaddduuup :p

  12. You kill me with these!


    That's why you got my vote in the 2010 bloggies for best Australian webblog.

    *I hope that's where your at*


  13. Ew! Pervy dad!

    Love the one about the stroke too!

  14. My Grandma just caught me masturbating.


    The whole family sex theme to these this week is freaking classic!

  15. Another great Facebook Fail Friday. Why would anyone post that their grandmother caught them masturbating on Facebook. That's awesome!

  16. It is my secret fear I will end up on your Facebook Fail.

  17. Oh, the daughter/dad one had me cringing.

  18. holimoli, what a dad. i dont think parents should be included in your friends' list. awkward....

    the stroke mom - what a son of a bitch.

  19. i've been waiting all week for this. seriously. i lead a very exciting life, as i'm sure you can tell.

    the first one - what a dumb shit. poor guy.

  20. I think that Father / Daughter relationship is a little YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. I love that I can pop over here and see what stupidness FB is propogating for yet another week!

    What gets me is the fuzziness around the eyes of the people...as if that is really going to prevent someone from recognizing them.


  22. I have two boys...not looking forward to when they are older and I catch them in the act....no putting on Facebook though!!

  23. OMG! The bikini photo. I'm icked out.

  24. Um, ewe per the bikini one. And the Er one, too funny.

    And I just realized I totally have 105 followers. I'm still two up! The war has begun my friend...bwahahahaha

    and shit I really am behind...I'm going to be here a long time. Today is stalk you day..lol

  25. ok the dad one is SUPER CREEPY and another reason to accept family members over 30 as friends but the ER/movie night is jst selfish!

  26. wtf? gross and siiiiiiiiiick!! dude my dad would NEVER do that. He grows pumpkins and donates his garden to poor people. He'd be like - "COVER UP!!"


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