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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Facebook Fail Friday #17 - Disaster

Hello ScoFans!

It's time for another round of Facebook fails. I'm surprised you all seemed to enjoy a bit of a snicker in the face of death as I do, so this week I'm cranking it up a notch. Death on a grander scale, and the people that make fools of themselves on Facebook broadcasting their opinions.

We'll start with a couple from the "Sure September 11 was pretty bad, but what about MY life?"

A tad dramatic perhaps?

Speaking of September 11, I'm sure we all remembered the date last year and spared a thought for those who lost the lives in the disaster. Most of us anyway..

Other chose to celebrate. Each to their own right? I mean, if you don't mind looking like a sicko and having no friends, you can choose to celebrate September 11 if you like. That's going to be one lonely party though.

And of course there is the recent disaster in Haiti. Let's see what the fools of Facebook make of this tragedy..

Yeah, where I come from, "Earth".. I don't know, maybe you've heard of it? Anyway, here "LOL" means something COMPLETELY different.

Until Sunday...


  1. I think I've heard of it. That's where movie stars can become incompotent politicians and living off the land in poverty becomes a game show, right? Oh wait. That's just here in the US.


  2. i think my favorite were the dumbshits with their sept 11th statuses. wow...

    and umm columbus is a piece of work.


    "haiti will be rich soon"

  4. "Haiti LOL"

    Hahaha! Some people are just ridiculous.

  5. A Facebook friend of mine posted a link to charity helping Haiti, and she too got hit with a comment from one of her other friends about Haiti not deserving the money, but it can't compare to Eduardo and his swear jar.

  6. you know how you said that celebratory party of 9/11 would be a lonely one? well that made me think, what if you partied with the terrorists? i'm sure there would be plenty of people there. just sayin...

  7. That last one is so full of awesomeness. I love the part that nobody even touched on:

    "America can help itself if we just get out our asses and accept government aid."

    Nice mentality. I mean, don't get a job or anything. Just get up and accept a handout.

  8. People are seriously just ricockulous!! I just about pissed my pants that the swear jar dude kept swearing. I love FB fails!!

  9. Eduardo is gonna single handedly save Haiti. Keep it up dude!!!

    LOL, wow, clueless.

    Keep 'em coming Scoman, Keep 'em coming.

  10. OKAYYYYYYY!!!!

    First off - life moves on for those not directly affected by Sep 11. If someone thinks it's a great day and glad they're alive then why the fuck can't they say Happy ocho September 11.

    Who the fuck is anyone else to tell someone how to see a day that may have a bad past but must move on to be happy again. What about babies born on that day? Do they have to live in misery and not celebrate Sep 11 because of a tragedy that happened?

    Secondly - praying WON'T feed and give medical aid to the Haitians, but, you also know my point of view on giving shitloads of money to other countries. I say DON'T and help your own before others.

    Thirdly - Columbus is NOT THE ONLY person who thinks lol means lots of love. A lot of older people think that's what it means and so send texts with lol at the end because they're sending love not laughs. And yes gen-yers it DID MEAN lots of love before it meant laugh out loud!

    Seriously Scoman, did you pick these today to annoy me,lol, and yes, I meant laugh out loud. You know people's opinions give me the shits which is why I bitch so much. But I agree with those who wrote them not those who bithced about them.

    lol, Jewels.
    yes, lots of love.

  11. that swear jar is a good idea...

  12. Good grief these people are raging morons. Since when does LOL mean Lots of Love?

  13. I soooo look forward to FFF!!

    I would just want to keep annoying Eduardo just to see how many times I could make him swear!!!

    Haiti is going to be rich soon.....that Michael is one funny guy!!

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  15. once upon a time when I was even MORE naive than I am now (more specifically when I was 18 - this was *cough 9 years ago cough cough GAG* I thought lol meant lots of love too.

  16. Dude, LOL = little old lady. That's why when I watch Golden Girls I just LOL and LOL.

  17. LOLS at the the last one. Where in the world did he think LOL meant lots of love. hehehehe.

  18. There's some really sick puppies out there - but it is funny.... LOL - geez...

    Love to you.

  19. How many friends do you have on FB? Are they all idiots???

  20. Wow, idiots like that make me sad for the future of humanity. We need to sterilize dumbasses! Great post!

  21. in defense of the LOL person, when my mom first started texting like 2 or 3 years ago she thought it meant lots of love too... but she has an excuse, she's old. ish.


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