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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

thisisTuesday #3

Hello ScoFans!

Happy Australia day for all of my Australian readers. Did anyone do anything special or particularly Australian to celebrate? Probably not. Maybe a BBQ, yeah?

For those of you who don't know, Australia day is like "Independence Day", only with a lot less aliens, no Will Smith and it's on a different date. Also, ours "celebrates" the invasion of Australia by the First Fleet, and not the ceasing of being a part of another colony or whatever Independence day is about.

I know some Aussies will probably get all upset with the mention of "invasion".. but whatever.

*RANT DELETED AS THIS BLOG IS NOT HERE TO BE ALL POLITICAL - IT IS HERE TO ENTERTAIN - SO LET'S GET BACK TO THAT* (but if you do want to get a tad political and read sentiments similar to what I had drafted, check out Mary Jane's blog..)

Before that though, thank you for everyone for their ideas on the last post. There were some great ones that gave me a good laugh. The final product is going to be awesome. You'll notice I've put a tiny link just under the banner up the top there so you can return at any time if you have any more ideas.

It's time for another this is Tuesday. Last week I compared PinkNic with Susan Boyle.. but only in the sense they are both showing the world Britain's got talent. Their talent is in different areas, and it's a bit flimsy to base a comparison on but this is my game and I play by my rules (and if you thought last week was flimsy, you ain't seen nothin yet.. maybe I should just stop trying to compare people)

Anyway, this week I guess I've picked two people that I wanted to choose this week for different reasons, but I've still linked them together through brilliance (and flimsiness)

I know Ed's probably got it already. Some of you might need another hint or two.

Okay, most of you (or a fair number of you) probably have it now.

He sure is.

Yes, this week I started by using traits from characters he played rather than traits of Michael himself, just to throw everyone (except Ed) off course.

After Michael has been making news the last few weeks, first with his illness and then being part of the example why sometimes it's dangerous to be on Twitter and getting all of your thoughts out there as you're thinking them, I thought it would be a good time to give Michael a "thisisTuesday" (why does spellcheck keep telling me I spelt that wrong? Surely "thisisTuesday" is spelt right) Guernsey.

So who is the lucky lucky person I have matched up with Michael C Hall?

Let's find out.

Actually, I already know, but the rest of you find out now. Or soon.

Yeah, it was obvious that was the trait I was going to use. Thought I might as well get it out there.

Who could it be?

He knows who he is now, that's for sure.

So click on his banner, get over there, read his posts, see how awesome he is and vote for him on Knuckleheads blogs of 2010 thing. I know he's up against Cheryl who some of you are quite fond of and who is a good blogger in her own right, but personally, my votes for Nomad.

Nomad - Did you vote for him? No? Then you're mad.

It's a campaign slogan I just came up with when there's bugger all of the competition to go.

Anyway, that's all for me this week. And remember, if you want to volunteer just say so in the comments section. I think I have about 11 people still volunteered according to my list.

Until Friday...


  1. I'm sorry, but I can't vote for anyone who is up against Cheryl, no matter how cool they are.

    Thanks for clearing up the Susan Boyle thing though, haha :)

    And I'll be back to comment on your drunken blogger post just as soon as I can think of something really hilarious to do to him/her.

    Happy Australia Day! x

  2. Thanks for the link... will check out Nomad..I am too drunk to comment any further ;)

  3. "For those of you who don't know, Australia day is like "Independence Day", only with a lot less aliens, no Will Smith and it's on a different date."

    Laughing my socks off! Only you ScoMan! Oh Happy Day to you!

  4. Heading over to check out Mr. Nomad. For the record, I am still up for volunteering!

  5. Wait, one more thought, wasn't Australia colonized by felons that were booted out of England? or is my hubby filling me full of crap? I guess I can always google it.....

  6. OH yeah...365 days of people, very funny!

  7. Happy A Day, my friend. From, a fellow Dexter Lover in Laguna Beach, Cali. xxoo

  8. I voted like I was told to do.

    Do you get fireworks and watermelon on your independence day, too?

  9. Australia rocks. As you know...I'm lame! So, I made great friends years ago with a couple...and yet I couldn't understand 1/2 of what the guy said for the life of me. Luckily he was always smiling, so I just nodded a lot. Who knows what I agreed to! We stayed with them in Adelaide for a week. Hubs kept looking at me like I was deaf..."HOW CAN YOU NOT UNDERSTAND HIM!" Holly:)

  10. still not volunteering. (reverse psychology that MAY eventually work)


    goddamn it sco, when are you gonna do me???? i thought we were BBFF?!

  11. I really thought Michael C Hall was a gay in real life until he married his sister. Or Dexter did. Or whatever I'm got them all mixed up now... Anyway I KNEW THIS ONE!! Not the Michael C Hall one, but I knew it was gonna be Nomad! 365 days of people was probably the first blog I started following and I love it! I've been voting every day and you should too!

  12. I'm all nervous and jittery thinking about my place on your volunteer list.

    Now, I am off to eat some vegimite (barf) and listen to Men at Work in honor of the Sco.

  13. I didn't think Michael C Hall/Dexter was gay either? How did you came up wth that?

  14. I tried to comment on this at work, but the US Government evidently hates you and your comments section, cause it was blocked by the filters.

    Any, I just had to tell you that I did NOT in fact get this one, because I was thinking of Micheal himself, and not his characters.

    Damn you and your tricky analogies for ruining my perfect streak!
    *shakes fist towards the UK*

  15. I must be out of the gossip loop - it sounds like I have some Dexter gossip to catch up on!! He's ill?? That's terrible!!!

  16. But aliens could be soo cool. With their green bodies and buldging eyes. Antennas ... oh wait, those weren't the kind you were talking about. My bad.

  17. independence day celebrates our independence from Great Britain, which isn't or wasn't a colony? or was it?

    actually it's true meaning is to have a day off work in the middle of summer so you can eat and drink and swim and watch fireworks and eat burnt marshmallows without guilt

  18. hahahaha i love it! i think i pulled through to the next round... i had to call in some facebook support though... michael c hall is the man! i need to see six feet under!

  19. ps. that nomad kid is cute too.

  20. crap! i'm such a bad friend, i totally meant to tell you happy australia day yesterday, damn it!!!!

  21. ohhh, and i gave you something today on my blog!!!! you're so gonna love it!

  22. Okay, this is confirmation that I'm living in a big black whole. What is going on with Dexter? What illness? What Twitter drama???? I miss everything! I suck! (p.s. I love him, so I don't care what bad things he's potentially done/said/tweeted about)

  23. Happy Australian Day! I was invited to a celebration the other day at this bar called "Elbow Room". They have meat pies and such. Yumm-o.

  24. Do you get drunk and play with explosives on your day?

  25. Very cool, and I love the promotion banner for Nomad lol :)


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