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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Facebook Fail Friday #15- You're not as smart as you thought you were in the first place

Hello ScoFans!

Friday already? The week has gone.. so terribly slowly.

So, this week I'm going back to bad spelling and typo's. They're always inconvenient, but some times are more inconvenient than others. Oh yes, and fans of 90's (it started in 1999) sitcoms might recognise the title of the post. I wonder if I can get Norm DVDs? Anyway, this weeks post has a theme song. Okay, so I couldn't find it. That made me sad. I was looking forward to reliving that song.

So to cheer us all up, here's this weeks round of Facebook Fails..

While you're there, grab a dictionary and look up "intelligant".. found it? Okay, try "intelligent". There, better, see?

So many times I've thought "I wish I could like that response" This would be one of those times.

Sometimes I wonder why they don't be a spell check on Facebook, then I realise it's because if there was one, I couldn't laugh at these people.

Have you wrighten anything we might have read?

I'd probably also suggest "those", but hey, at least they got "of", "mother", "what" and "who" That's almost 50%!

Until Sunday..

I'll leave you with this for people who, like me, couldn't get the song out of their heads..


  1. I do more wrighting because I'm a author. Hahaha! Bloody hell.

  2. what a funny wrighter. these people are just making fools of themselves by calling themselves smart. haha.

  3. p.s you don't know these people in real life, do ya sco?

  4. My favorite is eassys, eassys, and more eassys, because you can't use a typo excuse on that one! (Although not of Facebook, I once wrote my cousin an email telling him about how I had won a writing contest, and used the word 'one' instead of 'won'. He called me on it, of course.) My excuse was that it was really late when I wrote that email.

  5. i am all of a sudden so self-conscious when i begin typing my comments in your blog. like i'm worried i'm going to eff it all up. yeah, i know. i don't use capital letters. my comment, my choice.

    anyways, i think the guy who is an author because he like to wrighted books is my favorite.

    speaking of nic's comment and using the expression "bloody hell," i am reminded of an english guy my friend brought out to a bar the other night. i ended up telling him he looked and sounded like harry potter. i thought it was funny as bloody hell; he, however, did not find me so funny.

  6. hahahahaahhaahhahaaaa!!
    I loved it!! LAUGHED OUT LOUD and woke Baby up! Sooo...worth it, though!

  7. These always kill me!

    Great job dude!

  8. Ok as one who suffers from a rare form of dyslexia that only strikes when I am typing I can overlook the mild misspellings as I often type TEH instead of THE but that is simply due to fingers going faster then my brain. This however is a whole new level to it.. I IS smart and apparently hokt on fonix the redneck vershun sold more copies then I ever realized..

  9. Well, I am a writer so I know how to spell!

    Some people must have no brain if they can't even be bothered checking their spelling before leaving posts/replies.

  10. First, I wonder where they're from. Is english the first language in their country? If yes, I'm really loss at words.

  11. Holy crap. And here I thought that I was bad at spelling, that makes me look good!! LOL!

  12. Um, not to correct your grammar, but I think you meant:

    "Have you wrighten anything we might OF read?"

    Clearly you are not a author. ;-)

  13. verry nice bit off wrighting hear.

  14. Facebook would be great if they had a "like" button on each persons comment response...and if they would ever put up a "dislike" button

  15. Oh gosh. And this is another reason why I love facebook. How come I haven't found any of those yet? Facebook status sure has a way of telling everyone just how "intelligent" someone really is. hehehehe.

  16. lol I very often misspell things when I am in a rush, but its funny when people claim they are authors lol

  17. If I stumble upon something whacky on FB would you want me to send it to you? There is no shortage of stupid.


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