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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Hello ScoFans!

Okay, so I haven't posted for a little bit now, but I'm on holidays and I didn't want too. Besides, as you can see, I've been very busy (for the last hour or so) and so didn't have time to post (for any of the week before that)

As some of you know, I have been thisisScoMan on Twitter for a long time, and I thought it was time to bring my blog into line with that branding. I've just passed 150 posts, I've just hit my 100th follower and I've just created my first award (which was corrected after the spell check. I don't know how I stuffed that up, I guess I got high off the fumes of cleaning chemicals in the shower)

But that isn't the only reason for my change.

I received my membership renewal from the Essendon Football Club who I follow on Twitter and who I have sent messages to on Twitter in the past and, well, would you like to see what they sent me?

Maybe I should start collecting a commission from their marketing department. Or maybe I should at least get them to design my banner for me. Plus they came up with four, I could only come up with three.

Anyway, because I wouldn't sue my favourite team and cause them to go bankrupt, I instead decided they took one of my ideas, I'll take one of theirs. All's fair in love and.. well no, just love.

I thought with the new design I'd try to keep it as simple as possible. This might have been a bit too simple. Whatever. You're only here for the words anyway right? (And the occasional picture)

Speaking of the occasional picture, I thought I might design some banners for some celebrities, because that's just the sort of person I am.

Okay, that'll do for now. You get the idea though.

Finally, I'm not sure how many of you are aware of this, but January the 4th is "National Act Like Sheldon Cooper Day". For those of you who don't know who Sheldon is, I've provided a clip which I think pretty much sums him up.

Of course if you need more tips there's plenty more videos on YouTube.

Let me know what you think of the new layout.

Until next time...


  1. Love the new layout! Also, thanks for letting us all know about Monday. I LOVE Sheldon!!!

    Hope you had a fantastic holiday!


  2. I like the new layout very much!! :) and Ia m glad you decided to post something :)!!

  3. hello sco.you're not pissed at me for spellchecking your awesome award arent ya? Cuz guess what, wrongly spelled words are the in thing these days... Like fcuk...

  4. Congrats on 100 followers! Loving the new layout. Dane Cook is definitely overrated. I'm going to act like Sheldon all day tomorrow. Did you ever find your phone? Have you shaved yet? Happy new year! I think I've developed ADD or something overnight.

  5. I like the new layout. "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Leonardo DaVinci

    Loved the Dane and Paris banners!

    Enjoy your holiday. You're the one who said you need to take more!

  6. White layout... is classy!
    Congrats on your 150th post and 100 followers! BTW I like this pic of yours better than the ScoMan cartoon you drew in your previous layout.

  7. FELICIDADES on 100 followers!!!

    I love the new layout!! Looking forward to reading your blog in the coming year!!!

  8. Hey Sco! Happy New Year and cheers to new beginnings! I like your new layout. It looks really clean and fresh. =) Congrats on the your 150 posts and 100+ followers! yey! =)

  9. I love the new layout and the Paris banner!

  10. I agree with Alissa! I like it Scozizzle. AND now I know who Sheldon Cooper is. I watched the show a few times and enjoyed but don't know the schedule so I'm not a regular follower.

    Although Im insanely jealous I'm still going to say congratulations on the 150 postings and the....Grr this is the hard part.... the kabillion followers!

  11. Love your new look.

    And Sheldon ROCKS!

  12. I like your new look, even though your picture reminds me of a flasher.

  13. Love the new layout! LOVE!
    Congrats on the followers dude!!

  14. A) LOVE the quasi-new name

    B) was I not follower number 100? Shouldn't there be some sort of prize or reward or something? C'mon!

    C) can we see a real pic of you? We need to review and discuss. This ones kinda creepy.

  15. I panicked a bit when I couldn't find you at the top of my blog list. But here you are. At the bottom!


    Nice to see This is Scoman!

  16. ' bring my blog into line with that branding' have you been going through my marketing textbooks cos i swear this is a direct quote from there!!

    congrats on the 100 ( do these ple really know wot they've signed up for?)

  17. Oh man, those clips were hilarious. I'm guessing that's what I'll be watching on hulu for the next week.

    Also, your new look is niiice. All streamlinish and cleanish.

  18. Liking the new layout,@Coffeypot made me laugh with the "flasher" comment.

  19. A hood covering your face as a 'disguise' I know a girl on Twitter who has a profile pic just like that :P

    I like the new layout :)

  20. Haha. The Paris banner is a hoot. And, to be ripped off by a company... what a compliment! :)

  21. 1. i keep wanting to call you "snowman." this is particularly clever to me as you are an aussie.

    2. i like your new layout. very snowman-esque.

    3. i wonder what you would say about me if you designed my banner...?

    4. p.s. - i left you a very manly award on my blog today. i hope you find a "breathtaking" gown to wear to accept this award.

  22. I love, love, love the new layout! I really want to go a stretch format.

    I hope you have an awesome 2010! Love reading your blog and all the comments you leave on mine, too.

    PS I'm scoping out FB for some fails.

  23. I MISSED ACT LIKE SHELDON DAY?????? that's what i get for being way behind on reading blogs i guess. i'll never do that again in case i miss a day like this i guess :(

  24. And it all started with the Big Bang! Ahhh shucks, I missed the day. Sheldon has provided me with some of the HUGEST laughs I've had in my life!

  25. I MISSED SHELDON DAY!!!??? Holy crap, why?whhhhhyyyyy?

    New look! Two thumbs up!

  26. ok so I see a layout - but I have no idea if this is the layout you are talking about in this post because I haven't read far enough to know if you've changed it again since posting this post - dang my stupid traveling and falling behind on my favorite blogs!!!!

    I like what I see though :) not that saying that helps!!

    Ok so I like the this is - too funny (but I have to say - I actually liked the paris album! omgosh - it must be REALLY late at night - I'm admitting too much...)


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