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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Throwing in the towel

Hello ScoFans!

Long time followers will know that I don't like failure. If I set out to accomplish something, then I accomplish it.. usually.

Today I had a simple goal for the last day of my holidays. To create a v-log (like e-media, not vlog.. like.. well..blog). Well, okay to give this place a bit of a general tidy up and then to create a v-log.

Well, after about two hours of trying my webcam and getting nowhere (it would just cut out half way through) I tried my digital camera. The first time round, the batteries died. Then when I did get it done and on the computer it was super blurry. Like, super really blurry.

So I guess what I'm saying is, I didn't fail. Stars, planets, clouds and monkies aligned which meant that it was destiny there will be no v-log here today. I might be great, but even I can't beat destiny.

So I guess what I'll do is provide you now with a brief summary of what I touched on in the awesome v-log that died somewhere between my camera and the internet.

Firstly I talked about how it's the first time in 20 years I've worn jeans. I don't like jeans. They're uncomfortable. I may never wear jeans again. I don't know why I bought them.

But when I did buy them, I was leaving the change room with the jeans and two pairs of pants in my left hand and my phone, wallet and keys in my right hand. I was about to open the door but I thought "I'll put my stuff in my pocket first", reached down and no pocket. I'd left the pants I'd worn to the store on the chair in the change room. So close to walking back out into the store in my underwear.. lucky for them, I pulled up in time.

Secondly, I thanked Nic from PinkNics Planet for deciding my comments were witty enough to award me a prize in her giveaway a month or two ago. Here's the cool stuff she sent me.

It's no secret I'm a huge Dexter fan, and I think Dexter Coasters must be one of the few Dexter items I hadn't got my hands on. Well, now I do, and my hands are happy.

But as much as I loved the coasters, it was the card that really got me.

I'm not sure what she's trying to say there. I'm just going to assume she's saying that I'm great, and not that I'm arrogant.

Then I talked about how JustSal from Just My Thoughts allowed me to have a read over her NanoWriMo novel over the holidays, which was very rad of her. Although I am anxiously awaiting the conclusion at the moment, maybe when it's finished I'll write up a review of it. Maybe. If she allows it. I haven't discussed it with her yet.

Point the fourth that I touched on was that I had been planning the v-log for a long time, and I had to cut certain things as time went on. One of the things I cut was the opening scene (oh yeah, it had scene's, that's how good it was) in which I was going to have a bunch of aliens surrounding me making a lot of noise and I was trying to get them to be quiet so I could do the v-log and they wouldn't and so to get them to be quiet, I gave them some Soylent Green.

But then because of the whole KFC Fiasco I thought that would be in poor taste, and so that scene got pulled. I know a lot of people aren't familiar with the KFC Fiasco. For example it seems like in England it wasn't a big story, but research showed that in America you probably won't know about it but your mother will. So if you want to, you can research it or if you can't be bothered researching, you can just assume KFC is serving Soylent Green now.

What I didn't do in the v-log was give you a look at the video that was pulled from Australian television because Internationally it was deemed racist...

In KFC's defense, that stereotype doesn't really exist in Australia. But I'm glad the ad is gone. That guy is such a tool.

The other thing I didn't do in the v-log was mention that I'm starting a new weekly segment on Tuesday called "thisisTuesday". One of you has volunteered to be the first participant. You don't know you've volunteered yet. You don't even have to do anything. Tune in Tuesday to see if it's you.

The last thing I did was give you a little nursery rhyme thing that my niece loves, and I'm sure your nieces, nephews, children and just random children from the neighbourhood will love as well.

Simple Simon met a pieman
Playing with a knife
The pieman said to Simple Simon
"Can I take your life?"
Said Simple Simon to the pieman
"When the time is right"
The pieman said to Simple Simon
"Then you'll die tonight"

I guess that's it. My holidays are over. Time to stop grinning like a fucking psycho and get back to work.

For those of you who haven't seen my other video post you can check out the time I lip synced to Eminem so that the whole thing wasn't a tease. And for those who have seen it, relive it why not?

I hate linking back to old posts, but I had to give you something...


  1. Aww, I wanted to see your vlog! Try harder next time! Haha. I liked the story about the jeans, very funny.

    I think that advert's hilarious. We'd never get away with that over here.

    And it's kind of scary that one of us has volunteered to be your first thisistuesday participant without even knowing.

  2. Oh, and I'm glad you liked your prizes!

  3. oh this blog had a lot of point to touch on lol I am sorry your vlog didnt work and youposted the commercial so thats cool :). CAnt wait to see what Tuesdays post is all about.

  4. Jeans experiment.. nice! I clicked on the linked and actually checked your rap.. (lip sync rap) you were awesome!!!! How many times did you actually try before video recording it..? LOL!

  5. lolness. damn i was hoping the moment i woke up this morning, i'd be able to see your vlog. you know as a booster to my mundane cold sunday. why, sco? why? those dexter coasters are awesome!! clearly nic knows you well. haha!

  6. Oh crap, I'm seriously angry at your cameras right now. I want to see that v-log!

    You never wear jeans? So what kind of pants do you wear? Just curious. And you almost walking out of that dressing room in your underwear is hilarious!

    I'm looking forward to ThisisTuesday and to finding out what it is and who "volunteered".

  7. The V-log would have been cool but I guess just talking about it will have to do!

    OK...so 3 times I have gone to write my opinion about the KFC thing but I just can't be bothered now...over it!

    Looking forward to Tuesday!

  8. Can't wait for thisisTuesday. =)

    I've never met someone who doesn't like jeans. Hubby is all about the jeans.

    The KFC thing, yeah, that would have been totally wrong over here! Funny, though... =P

  9. Ok congrats on winning the Dexter coasters... sucks about teh v-log, what did jeans ever do to you?? I mean hello a man in a nice tight pair of jeans that accentuates the certain assets yeah moving on... tuesday scares me, seriously I don't like begin surprised or volunteered.. umm yeah... it always ends up bad lol.. the KFC thing. OK yeah I see it as hilarious but I can see why it got banned here..

  10. Too bad about the v-log. I know that such things are way beyond my technical abilities. The KFC commercial and the nursery rhyme definitely brightened my morning.

  11. Dexter coasters...be still my heart!

    I hate denim too... ugh!

  12. okay, wait. time out. i'm still hung up on the "i have jeans" comment. what the hell kind of jeans do they sell in australia???

  13. Anxiously awaiting Tuesday....,

  14. I have failed at being a Dexter fan. I haven't ever seen coasters sitting around for me to purchase. You are still ahead of me with the Dexter obsession.

    I can't wait for thisis Tuesday...I'm sure it'll be good times.

  15. Hey Scoman, believe it or not I had actually never seen the KFC add. Yes.. he is a tool.

    Jeans are better if you get them from Good Sammies.. then someone else had to break them in... God that does sound awful..

    I don't wear tracksuit pants.... ever.

  16. Dexter coasters, cool. Other countries always get stuff we can't get here.

    And you know what I think of that damn fricken chicken ad!

  17. I'm in the process of finishing off my novel I promise :) As for the monkeys being in alignment it's no wonder it failed. Fucking monkeys are fucked!

  18. You'd think I was lost or something. Seems I haven't been here in awhile. Your name hasn't been coming up on my reader, so I thought you hadn't posted, but then I thought, that ain't right, right? So, I had to come to see what I've missed. I've missed a lot, I hang my head in shame.

    Catch up time.

    No Vlog for me. Well, that's okay, cause my hillbilly interwebz sucks and loading is an all day thing.

  19. Sweet coasters! I've crossed over into Dexter fandom, and like you, Season 2 is my favorite thus far. S3 & the first few eps of S4 aren't anywhere as great as S2 was.

    Technically, it's not failure, and I love technicalities!

  20. I was expecting something really WRONG with the KFC commercial...so I wasn't so shocked. See...the vlog this is not so hard...but it does take some trial and error until you work out a system. And it takes a long time to edit! I devote a whole afternoon each week to putting the segments together. Holly

  21. Love Dexter - funny how I find myself liking a killer..lol

    Love to you.

  22. Awwww no vlog? Rats! Was really looking forward to that. But I guess no one can beat destiny! hehehe. Dexter coaster?! Wow, that is awesome!

  23. did you hear michael c hall is battling cancer!!but they caught it early so hopefully he should be a-ok!

    i live in my jeans omg i luuuuurve my jeans got soooo many pairs!maybe boy jeans r jst different and omg if you had walked out HILARIOUS for us who read abt here bt obv not for you but you know wot iT AIN'T ABOUT YOU so kinda disappointed you didn't!

  24. so are you trying to say it was like, super really blurry?? lol - I love it!! well - I don't love that you didn't post your v-log but I love the lingo :)

    so the skipper on the boat I was on last week said "wicked" after EVERY sentence. I think I ought to give it a try. wicked. a more comfy kind. wicked.

    and I really liked this post. wicked.

    And yeah - the world does sometimes conspire against us - but you are right - it's not a failure - it's just fate. wicked.

    those dexter coasters rock!! wicked.

    and I laughed at your dressing room story. wicked. and I think you should try a different brand of jeans. wicked.

    no seriously. wicked.

  25. oops - somehow "a more comfy kind. wicked" got put at the beginning of that comment instead of after the brand of jeans. wicked. part ...
    my bad.


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