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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Honorary Ovaries

I have been working in a predominantly female offiice for a few years now (the ratio currently stands at 3 males to 9 females, but for a long time it was 2 males and 11 females) and I can't help but notice how this has changed me as a person.

For example, conversations about period pain, giving birth, the pill and breast comparison do not seem as foreign to me as they once did. Sure, I have nothing to contribute, but I am not as weirded out as I once was when they were happening in my general vicinity.

I can gossip with the best of them. I have learned a lot about jewellery and how it should not look. I know now that guys are pigs who can not be trusted.

I also look back to a time when I would go out with friends and their girlfriends and I struggled through small talk with the girl. Now, I'm friends with the girlfriends and struggle through small talk with the boys.

Yep, I think I've earned my honorary ovaries.


  1. Oh damn. That's too funny! Maybe then I've earned honorary testicles? Oh glory. I hope not.

  2. That is funny indeed!! I am class where we are 5 girls amongst 60 boys.

    I struggle with girly discussions! So When I am around they keep the girl discussions off! I guess I have disregarded mine!LOL!


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