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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tagged! v 2.0

I was trying to decide on a topic for a blog this even, when I was suddenly tagged by Badriyyah and asked to list some of my perfect blends, so here we go...

1. Music + driving = perfect way to relax
2. Rain + tin roof = perfect way to pass a Sunday afternoon
3. Good sense of humor + talkative = perfect client
4. Ipod + walking = perfect way to get around town
5. Niece + smiling = perfect way to spend my birthday
6. Ham + pineapple = perfect topping for a pizza
7. "Dead Like Me" DVD + Bacon & Eggs = perfect way to start the day
8. Book + bed = perfect way to wind down before sleep
9. Xbox + milo = perfect way to spend a lunch break
10. Home + alone = perfect holiday destination
11. Millionaire + death bed = perfect wife (it had to be said :p)

I now tag D* and Natalie Ruth to put together some of their perfect blends.


  1. vodka + kalhua = white russian >_o

  2. I totally agree with the book and bed one. And I love Milo too!


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