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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

n00b bu5in355

I'm still new here, and haven't work out how anything works or what anything does. However, as today is a public holiday in the great state of Victoria (you wish you were us), I have decided to experiment a bit with a few features.

So far, I have found the "New Post" button. Pretty self explanitory I think, and a button I hope to use again in the future.

I can also see all of the blogs written by the one person I am subscribed to so far. Again, very handy. (How do I find other blogs to subscribe to? I don't know. That might come later.)

The Help center. Had a bit of a play with that. All it managed to help me do was become more confused. That is why nobody likes instruction manuals- know all documents that only manage to frustrate people.

Mobile blogging? Not interested. Move along.

The features menu. Perhaps I should have started here.
No, that proved less than useful. I vote that "features" gets renamed "promotion"- all it did was crap on about how great this site is.

*Temporary lost due to clicking a link that lead me astray. Finally managed to work my way back*

And that seems to be all I can find on this site. There must be more, but I feel I have explored enough today. The first stage is getting my shit out there for others to read, stage two is learning how to read others peoples shit.
(Side note : When will there be psychics who read shit instead of palms?)

Well, that's it for my first original blog. Short and sweet. I hope you weren't as confused as I am.

PS: The public holiday we got today was for a horse race. At the final turn the horse I picked was coming second behind some loser horse that was like 51/1 to win the race, and my adrenaline started pumping. They were two lengths in front of the rest of the field, it was looking good. My horse finished like 6th. I hope they turn it into glue.

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  1. dearest, i had the whole searching for people prob too.. go through my list of followers which lead you to their page but also to their followers and their favourite blogs.. and I joined 20 something bloggers as well. its like a big listing of 20 somethings. =D


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