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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Allow me to introduce myself...

Like most people, I have different moods and sometimes different personalities. You all got to meet another one of those personalities this last week, I hope you enjoyed it.

I have also gone by many different names over the years. Scott, Scotty, Scoot, Scooter, Scooty, Susan, ScoMan, Scon and so on. But to a small group of people in Sydney, I was "Coincidence boy".

Curious? Then read on.

When I first started blogging on a different site that will remain nameless, I stumbled upon another blogger whose style, thoughts and opionions were much like my own (looking back at the other site, this seemed to happen around July 2005). We started commenting on each others blogs, giving each other kudos and saying how wonderful we both were, and I think it was a nice little ego boost for both of us.

After a month or two, we exchanged email addresses and started chatting on MSN Messenger. I always felt on the same wavelength as her, and we were always able to bounce off each other and run with each others jokes. EcK put me onto a site which had this quote about my personality type from a previous blog, which I will share with you now:

"I wouldn't say that INTJs are boring or INTPs are interesting. Both have the potential to be quite interesting; they just have to stop thinking the rest of us are too retarded to understand what they are trying to say."

And it's true. I do that. I shut down around people until they've proven to me that they are smart enough to understand what I'm thinking. I know what I'm thinking is never exactly ground breaking, and it wouldn't take a team of rocket scientists to work it out, but I guess I feel only special individuals are worthy of me opening up to them, and letting them see the real me. And I was always the real me when I was talking to her.

Well, perhaps another month after we started chatting on MSN, she asked me where exactly I lived. I told her it was about an hour out of Melbourne, and she said she knew that, and asked me to be more specific. I told her the name of the town (I'm not telling you, you'll stalk me). She asked if it was near another town, which is about half an hour away from here, and I told her that.

Her parents were moving this way. She was excited. She had just broken up with her boyfriend at the time, it was coming into the holiday season which she would be spending with her family, and she was reaching out to make a new friend to help her forget about her problems back home. I told her I'd be happy to hang out with her and help her escape her family.

Then, her ex gets word of what's happening. She tells me he'd been asking her all kinds of questions demanding more details about "coincidence boy" (when he learned she'd made a friend down here who she'd be meeting over the holidays she told him it was a big coincidence, she didn't seek me out) and, he got jealous.

So, change of plans. She got back together with the boy, and we never met that Christmas. I was happy with that. From memory, they were back together for about a month.

Several more times over the next 12-18 months she flew down here and each time we threatened to catch up. Being that we are both the same sort of person though, the sort of person that isn't needy or desperate, and we don't ask people to keep us company, people ask us because we are fabulous and they want to be around us, it never happened.

We'd both say it was a good idea, but neither of us wanted to be the pathetic one that actually tried to organise a time or a place.

And from there, she met another guy. She stopped coming down here so often, she disappeared from cyber space, and life went on.

A few months ago, she turned up on Facebook (they all turn up on Facebook eventually), we started making brief contact here and there, but nothing too major.

Until one day when I put a message in my status about noticing a particular car around town. I signed in a few hours later to see she had commented on my status.. "That's my sisters car. No shit, her and her boyfriend moved to your town"

We discussed that for awhile, and then went our seperate ways again.

A few weeks later she left me a note on my wall. "I'll be in your locale soon, would you like to share a festive drink?"

I replied in the affirmative.

Then nothing again.

After discussing this with my friend Antonella she said something about jumping off a cliff, which sounded like a good idea. On Antonella's advice I sent the girl a private Facebook message, and the tango began.

I'd send an excited message, then she'd back off.

She'd send an excited message, then I'd back off.

And so on.

At this stage, she has my number. She knows the days I'm free. I have no way to contact her. From this, I'm gathering I'm the "B plan", but I'd rather be that than the one left to make the arrangements.

It's now three years since we first tried to organise this and she has just broken up with her boyfriend. It is coming into the holiday season which she will be spending with her family, and she is reaching out to make a new friend to help her forget about her problems back home. I told her I'd be happy to hang out with her and help her escape her family.


  1. Sco, that was epic.
    I was hooked. (!)

  2. Yeah, we probably WOULD have stalked you... Damn.

  3. Glad you enjoyed it EcK.

    And Random Hiccups, it's not that I don't enjoy being stalked, I enjoy it as much as the next guy, but my landlord tells me if I get too many more stalkers lurking around her insurance will go up and so will my rent.

  4. Argentina and tango...sounds natural and convincing..following my kamikaze pieces of advice..we'll see..I'm positive on this Scon (yes people, I gave him this nickname)...I'm positive :D

  5. Thanks for the positive vibes Ace =D

  6. Yes, I suppose in this economic crisis the money-wise thing to do is curb the potential of stalkers. Especially when rent and insurance are involved...

    Gotta be smart in the game. I get it.



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