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Saturday, December 27, 2008

When your presents say something about you

Back now for my "post Christmas" blog, and I thought I'd focus on the important part of Christmas, the presents

Yes, as I sat around on Christmas day surrounded by wrapping paper, I couldn't help but notice several themes emerging in the gifts I received, which perhaps say something about the person I am.

This year, I received:

So there you have it. I'm a serial killing entrepreneur under 40 who cooks, listens to music and enjoys the football.

If you didn't watch the football video, do it, even if you don't like sport. It's funny.


  1. I couldn't agree more, that's exactly what you are.
    Serial killers fan.
    Cook things that are not "exotic" (or you eat them, and you don't eat pralinè - May I say that's a sin?)
    Football? "Meh" :P
    40? nah!

  2. I do love it when people agree with me.

    But then why wouldn't you?

    I'm always right.

  3. That's amusing. Even though I don't actually know you.

    I wonder what mine say about me? I think they say that I am broke and unable to buy my own crap because I am trying to further my education and that sucks all my cash. Or maybe thats just what I say about me... I'm broke and just need people to buy me things I need/want.


    Now I am going to leave you alone.


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