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Thursday, December 4, 2008

S and D Do Victoria (or parts thereof) Part IV - Airports and death

The final day of our three day whirlwind saw us off to Hanging Rock early in the day. For those of you who are unaware, there was an eerie story surrounding the place that start in the seventies. If you'd like to learn more, love Wikipedia. It loves you.

Before we left I told her she'd been in my dream again the night before. If she was unimpressed last time, this time she was.. even less impressed than that. We were standing in queue at the supermarket. Even in my dreams, I'm not very entertaining.

At Hanging Rock we tried to determine how to tackle the different tracks through the place. Feeling game, we tried the summit walk first. It almost killed me, and we hardly went anywhere. I really couldn't believe exactly how unfit I am, so I learned something about myself that day.

Failing the summit walk, we went and got some water from the cafe place (probably should have taken water with us, you live and you learn) and sat for awhile before setting off again. This time, the base walk.

We'd hardly started the base walk when we saw an interesting sign. "Snakes occur naturally in this area". Snakes can be scary critters if you let them get close enough to you, and I just kept getting flashes of either of us being bitten by one. I guess that's crazy though, it's a tourist destination after all, there'd be people walking there all day, the snakes wouldn't want to be anywhere near the path.

When we finished up at Hanging Rock we went to a shopping centre and wandered for a few hours. The weekend was drawing to a close now, and I could feel it. (And, as a side note, I also got the complete "Black Books" DVD for a bargain price of $25. I couldn't believe it.)

She got me to take her back to the airport about two hours before her flight was ready to go. That's just how exciting I am, people would rather sit in a queue than spend time with me. But hey, that's life (or at least my life)

I haven't really heard from her since she left. I don't know where the friendship is heading, and if it ends at least we've had a fun ride. If it grows, I'll embrace it as it comes.

I guess in life, sometimes all you can do is enjoy the present, accept what changes, put on a smile and go about your business.


  1. You're a gronk.. lol I've been busyyyy..!!!! This week has been hectic and I've picked up more work. Stop stressing would you..!

  2. Well, now you know about her :P BTW, pleased to meet you D!

  3. hey! C'mon, dont say that.
    I mean, not about the girl, I dont know her so I just don't care (I'm a simple guy, sorry).

    Just, please, dont ever say you are boring, not that i'm ur best buddy or anything, but, seriously, I couldnt stay 3 days seeing the same person all the time, and yeah, even somebody I really like, just because spending time together is a process, you can't just, go from O to 'let's hang out for a few days' out of hollywood movies. This has nothing to do with you, it's just the way things work.

    So cheer up, and look for cool places you'd love to take friends to.

    : )

  4. dude, I've just noticed we have almost the exact same set up for our blogs.



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