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Sunday, December 7, 2008

The morning ritual

I'm a very organised person. I like things to be in a particular way, and I do have my rituals which I do not like to deviate from. I am going to share one with you today. As you may have guessed from the title, this is the process I go through each (weekday) morning before heading out and facing the world. (yes, this does mean I couldn't think of anything interesting to write about)

I wake up about 6:30 every morning. Half an hour before the alarm goes off. I turn on the TV- the business channel- hoping for more bad news out of the US. People are hating the economic crisis right now, watching their life savings and retirement plans, everything they've worked so hard for throughout their lives, disappear. Sucks for them, sure, but for someone just starting out in life there are a lot of good companies at bargain basement prices. Buy and hold my pretties.

The alarm goes off. Metalingus by Alter Bridge blares out of my phone. Time to go into the bathroom. Shower, shave, emerge smelling a little less bad. I put the business channel back on to see what they're tipping for the Australian markets, as well as checking out the oil price.


I throw in a DVD. Dexter, Criminal Intent, Dead Like Me or some other show that goes for 45-50 mintues and start making breakfast. Two pieces of toast and a cup of tea to begin with. I sit and start watching whatever show I have selected for myself today. I go back for round two of breakfast, orange juice, fruit and a vitamin tablet. I watch the rest of my show.

Show's over. Work is imminent. Back to the bathroom to brush my teeth. Then I get changed, grab my iPod, put on my mask and head out for another day.


  1. I love Dead like me. George was my role model when trying to build my sarcastic personality. Mason is cute as hell, and a weirdo. Gosh, I love that show.

  2. I wanted to marry Georgia.

    And I want to be Rube when I'm old.

  3. !!! awesome show!
    I was like " :( " when they 'discontinuated' it.

  4. you have time to watch an entire show in the morning? not me i sleep until i HAVE to get up!

  5. Yes, I do have time to watch an entire show. What can I say? I enjoy sitting there each morning for as long as possible dreading the day ahead.

    I wish I could sleep until the last possible moment, but I just don't have that in me.

  6. I like your routine. I like organized people! Too bad I don't find many around me!

    Hey, you gave me a idea to post my daily routine on my blog!Thanks!


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