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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Project

I haven't blogged much lately, and I probably won't any time soon.

I have not forgotten about you my pets, I am working on something. Something big.

I have codenamed this project, "The Project". This does not however disqualify that codename for use on future projects.

If you enjoy The Project half as much as I have enjoyed creating it, then you will still enjoy it very much.


  1. is it drugs, please, let it be drugs!!

  2. Wait! Don't leave us! *sniff* I just came back... :(

    Well if youre gonna go you better make it back soon ok?

  3. This pet of yours needs more information! yeah! let it be drugs, I totally backup Eck's idea!

  4. he's just trying to mislead us into believing he's not a working with the mob. dont trust him!


    Nor is it mob related.

    Trust me ;)

    I will be back soon Random Hiccups. Never fear.

  6. Is it better than drugs? Is it yummy? =P

  7. It is much better than drugs. Drugs are bad, and this is wonderful.

  8. ok, I know what it is, he's going through with a sex change operation so he doesn't have to do all the seduction job.

    I've always wanted to have a lesbian buddy !<3

  9. Don't mess with the mob..you know my name, right?? Did I mention I am from Syrian descent too?? watch out suckas :P
    Are u going to go to France, kidnap Eck and then come to Argentina to kidnap me? is that your project?

  10. and don't forget the damn koala! (yeah, only 3 ppl on earth will get that one)

  11. There will be no sexchange here.

    But I am going to travel the world luring people in with a koala and then kidnapping them, and yes EcK and Antonella you are on the list.

    But that's not the project. That's just for fun.

    The project is so big, it's not just my project. It does involve another person. Another snippet of information for you my pets.

    I have also noticed that the shortest blog I have written, has more than twice as many comments as any of the others. Maybe I should start one word blogs.

  12. yeah i've been thinking that myself.


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