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Monday, December 22, 2008

For the right price, I'll give anything a whirl...

Posting two days in a row? So unlike me. Especially because I wasn't going to be posting for awhile because I was working on my "project". Yes, we are still working on it, and no, the end is not in sight yet. Be patient my pets.

Well, the post today will be brief. I just wanted to share with you all a strange message on my machine when I arrived home at lunch time today. But I'll go back a little first.

Last week the power went out here, and as a result my clever, witty message on my answering machine was erased (as was the time I had sent on my phones, my VCR and my microwave, I haven't been bothered to reset any of them yet) So, in the place of my clever message, is a generic female voice making a standard statement about leaving a message.

So, today I get home and the red light is flashing at me. I pressed the play button, and heard a womans voice I did not recognise. A telemarketer would have hung up the phone, so this was likely to be a wrong number.

"Um, yes, um, I'm just wanting confirmation that I can have um, a pedicure, today Monday at four o'clock"

No, no you can not.

Although, if you are willing to pay me the going rate, I guess I can give it a shot. Though I can't say I know what a pedicure involves. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with children though, right?


  1. Bahaha! It's too bad you didn't pick up that call. That could have been legendary!

    Imagine: She asks for a pedi you ask how many children she has and what she wants you to do with them. She calls you a peodophile and wonders how you can think about naked children when all she wants in painted toenails.

    Thats all the makings of a legendary phone conversation.

  2. You should have picked up the call, put on a robe and pretended to be a pedicurist...you could have earned some money...silly! What if that was the woman of your dreams? Maybe she was beautiful but just had nasty feet! Now we won't ever know!!!!

  3. Random Hiccups- The only problem with that plan would be the visit from the Police I received shortly after hanging up the phone

    Badriyyah- Glad you liked it!

    Antonella- She sounded in her mid 50's.. possibly older. When I picture the woman of my dreams, I don't envisage one that comes with children older than me.

  4. Naah! You did the right thing! Who wants to risk one's 1 hour making a woman's feet look pretty. Especially when you don't know who it is! Too much risk!


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