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Monday, March 23, 2009

Don't hurt me

Well, the driver failed so we have another negative outcome to our game.

He crashed his car during the practice session and had to have it rebuilt in 3 hours before the race. Then, he started from the back of the grid and kept having problems with the car all day because it was rebuilt so quickly and not tested.

That's motorsport, it's not my fault.. honest.. please don't hurt me, I've already had one virtual ass kicking*, I don't think I could handle another..

And so, you don't get to see me this time. But, I do get to award myself something I saw on someecards.com (because none of you were ever going to do it)

Yes, I think my Facebook friend count is right in that perfect zone. The current count is 45.

Personally, when I see someone with triple-digits friends I roll my eyes.

When I see someone with less than 20 friends I feel sorry for them.

So, if you have anywhere between 20 and 99 Facebook friends, congratulations. It may not be a picture of me, but it is a nice little runner up prize.

And if you don't have between 20 and 99 friends, you get nothing today. Sucks to be you.

*If you go to the virtual ass kicking post, you might need to go to the comments for the full story.


  1. I feel the need to send another blood nose your way..hurumph!

    Though, I guess I just made the list on facebook, where I appear to be popular but not needy. There is that...lol

    You know, back in the day, guys would totally not date the "tease" cuz you know they end up going a whole lot of nowheres...I wonder how to handle this type of situation, getting teased with snapshots of a guy in a silly hat with a mis-shapen head, twice. I must think about this...

  2. i think you're pry rigging these games!

  3. Lols! hehehehe... I know what you mean. Can someone really have like 600 something friends on facebook? lols... I mean, who actually knows that many people?hehehehe

  4. That's too funny! I fall into the perfect range, too. When I first set up my account I remember being embarassed that I only had 9 or so friends. For me the number was 30! Glad I made the cut with my whopping 60 friends :)

  5. I now have confirmation of what a FB loser I am... thanks :D

  6. I guess I can grant myself that award too..I'm totally safe...76 :D
    I've been thinking about you offering your pets your picture and stuff...and I feel like I need to tell them the truth, because the fact that you're a liar and you're my BFF doesn't mean I'm a liar too.
    Sco Fans....do you know Tim Burton?
    He has a book called Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy...Oyster boy..is an oyster...there's also Brie Boy there...whose head is a brie cheese...now...why the eff do you think I call ScoMan "Scon" or "The Scon" (superhero version)...(are you starting to see my point?)yes! He is headless! He has a scon as head...with tiny eyes and sharp teeth...an Evil Scon...so..guys? Let's have no pictures of ScoMan...unless you want to see Laurie Cake face from www.cakehead.com and a whole bunch of food faced people.

  7. I'm on 67, but there's a load of people I was in school with, and that type of carp, i've been talking to people twice though, where someone's gone "that person has like 300 bebo friends, but so many of them actually hate him" but meh, I take some sort of comfort in the knowledge that most of these people like me on some level


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