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Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's time we played another game..

Hello ScoFans!

I want to play another game with you.

The good thing about the way I have designed this game is even in failure, I am successful.

The bad thing about the way I have designed this game is if I am successful, there comes some failure.

Today is the second race of the first round of the 2009 V8 Supercar series.

My favourite team acquired a new driver over the summer, and today he starts the race from 4th position.

He was winning this race last year (albeit from a different team) until he got involved in a tangle with a lapped car and taken out of the race.

His name is James Courtney, and if he wins today, I will post a picture of myself on this blog wearing my Dick Johnson Racing hat (for someone with an odd shaped head who shouldn't wear hats, I do own a lot of hats. Three of them in fact)

If any of the other 31 drivers win, I will post an award on here which I think I am probably entitled to anyway (and it is not any of the ones my pets have awarded me that I am currently hoarding)
This is the second time I have relied on sports stars to determine the outcome of one of our games, because I clearly don't think they're under enough pressure already.
I will post the results here tomorrow night.
PS Yes, I am back from my dark week. I snap into these things, and I snap out of them again. I'm sure knowing me is an exciting rollercoaster ride and a fun game of "Which one will he be this morning?"


  1. HAHAH I'd like to see you wear that hat, i hope he wins then!:)

  2. You teaser! they'll all want to see your picture, wicked biatch! you owe yourself to your cute fans...surrender! give them what they want!
    And take that word confirmation away, I agree with Fred (months after our "break up", lol) it's annoying!

  3. I don't think I've snapped out of my dark week...but I say that you are a wicked tease, always telling us you may "if" blah blah blah happens show us a pic of you... well, I say you show us anyway.
    You know, just because.


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