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Friday, March 6, 2009

Our First Game Ends

Hello ScoFans!

Earlier this week I showed you all how much I enjoy a good game of chance. I offered you the chance to see a picture of me in a hat, if my football team could get over the line and win their way to the Grand Final of the pre-season cup.

This would be our first game.

I know some of you have been hoping that you should win your prize, either to see me for the first time or to mock me in my hat. I know many others couldn't care less one way or the other.

Both sides lined up with a few of their quality players sittng in the stands, beacuse nobody really takes the preseason competition all that seriously, and if a player is "a bit sore" they won't risk him suffering a serious injury.

Anyway, the result was:
So there it is. A negative result this time.
Perhaps we'll play again in the future.
But as a runner up prize I'll give you a funny Australian song. I couldn't find the great video for it I saw last year, so I've left you with the official video. (Yes, some of the lyrics are out of place)


  1. no tie!? sad. haha...
    irish blogging????????

  2. And I wanted to mock you in hat... Sigh. Maybe next time...


  3. I was totally ready for mockery. GOSH!

  4. I wanna see the hat!
    Eck's if possible..we should drug him and steal it and then take a picture of you showing it off :D


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