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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The music is loud again

It doesn't have to be the weekend.
Any night of the week, my neighbours can throw a party and make plenty of noise into the night.
I'm not the only one who's had enough of it.
I can hear them in the backyard, talking and laughing. I hate the noise.
I know nobody could hear them scream over the music. Even if someone did hear, they've probably had enough of it too and would help me dispose of the bodies.
Then we'd create our alibis. We'd form a powerful bond and our lives would be intertwined forever.
I could wait inside the house. In the bathroom. Pick them off one by one.
I wonder if it would be more satisfying to feel their life slip from their body as I choke the life out of them, or if it would be better to grab a knife on the way out and watch the blood ooze out of their bodies.

And then I remember it's cold outside.

And I am already in bed.

I turn the fan on to drown out the noise, roll over and go to sleep.


  1. Oo scary! Tsk tsk... Bad neighbors. Off with their heads! Shall I prepare the garbage bags and lysol? Lols... I hope you get some sleep tonight. I really value a good night's sleep especially after a very long day. Goodnight and sweet dreams

  2. You're seeing too much Dexter, Matt...it's good that you watch an informative show though, it's just like when pplz watch the discovery channel..right? they're learning..and just like them, you're enriching and developing knowledge about your passion. :D Have fun Matt, tell Scon I miss him.

  3. Wow. Nothing like a little surpressed rage! LOL...

    Though I understand the hate of noise. Yesterday, it was beautiful outside, and I choose to spend the evening outside, playing in the dirt, planting flowers, herbs, etc. My hubby mulled about, the kids played, the back drop of noises were birds, frogs, and the quiet hum of the wind in the trees, I was enjoying this.

    Then, my eldest decides that his voice must be heard above all. Though I did not feel the need to kill him, I just wanted him to shut up. Sometimes, quiet time, is awesome.

  4. I take it the neighbor is a man, I would just send them a truck full of horny she-males, see how they like that! You'll damage them permanently.

  5. Damn crazy neighbors, every neighborhood has that one house...

  6. I can handle noise during the day, but not at night! I hope you're not face down on your desk slobbering all over you paper work today as a result!

  7. Quit reading those books and watching the show!

    You want me to come over and tell them what's what?

  8. Hmmm.. Join the party and make double the noise and scare the hell out of them..!! Or play really rubbish music loud such that is turns off the crowd which assembles to party.

    [My exams postponed AGAIN!!! :o/ I am actually kind prepared this time]


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