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Sunday, March 15, 2009

I'm seeing a new client tomorrow

Word of mouth is incredibly important when you're in the business of doing personal income tax returns. It is therefore, not uncommon for a new client to come and see you because their friend did last week.

I had one such client come in on Friday, and from the two coworkers who dealt with her (the first one didn't know how to use the appointment book, which is in the computer system, and everyone was at lunch or busy) and my boss who heard most of the goings on, I have pieced together what I can of each of their conversations and made up the rest in a way that I think is rather amusing and I hope you think so too.

You will see that my two coworkers have quite a sense of humor, and don't mind displaying it even if it drives a client out the door.

M = Male coworker
F = Female coworker
P = Potential client
S = Me!

P: Hi, I'd like to make an appointment to see S next week.
M: Have you been here before?
P: No, but my friend was here last week and she said he's good.
M: Well your friend's a liar. He's not very good. He's a horrible, mean spirited little boy.
P: But is he good at doing returns?
M: Oh yeah definately. I think that's why he thinks he can get away with being horrible. He's good at what he does so we can't get rid of him.
P: Well as long as he can get me a good refund I don't care if he burns down orphanages in his spare time.
M: Okay, well I'll get someone to help you in a minute. I'm not sure how to put an appointment into the book.
F: M, do you need some help up there?
M: Yes please if you could. She just wants to make an appointment to see S, I don't know why, I've told her he's a horrible person.
F: Okay, have you been here before? (they need to know whether there is an old file to come out)
P: No I haven't, but my friend saw him last week and said he's good.
F: Good as in good at his job or good as in cute? Because I find him quite cute.
P: No he got her a good refund. I don't care if he's 105 with disgusting hair growing from his nose and ears and spots all over his wrinkly face.
F: Well I'm sure he'll work hard to get you a good refund as well.

Anyway, the story probably got boring after that point. I just thought I'd share a story with you all so you get some insight into my workplace, what sort of a coworker I am.. and of course the story is pretty good for my ego.

Another thing that was good for me is a blog entry Badriyyah posted which I read this morning, and lifted my spirits when I was feeling incredibly down. Thank you Badriyyah. I couldn't quite find a card as perfect as the one you found (though it is in a similar vein), but I would like to return the favour.


  1. I'm such a blog stalker indeed. And providing me a link to your place by commenting like that will want to make me stalk you too. Especially after reading some posts and figure you're hilarious.

    uh oh.

  2. If possible capture her expressions when see walks through your office.. [:P]

  3. OMG! Too funny. Are you really that mean? Hmm... I doubt it. Anyhow... I'm stalking your blog too, if you haven't noticed by now *wink*.

    By the way... I have another surprise for you down at my blog. Yey! =)

  4. Ah, they know you well my dear Scon...of course you burn down orphanages during your free time..
    this was a funny post indeed, your ego should be pretty high since you're awesome.
    Stalking through blogs...definitely my thing, and you-know-who's thing too (not Voldermort's though)..and probably all 20sb's thing..and..we're all a bunch of stalkers, come on. Time to admit it.
    btw, are u angry with me? :( me misses you.

  5. Awesome. How terribly, terribly true

  6. hUH? What are u talking about? You don't like the kreativ award? :(

  7. LOL!

    Wow, the M really sold you. ha ha Good thing you must be good at what you do, or people would just think your a horrible, horrible person!


  8. I used to work at the local H&R Block as the E-File Guy/Front Receptionist, so I know this scenario all too well.

  9. Nothing like a little monkey business in the work place to keep things from getting boring, right?!?

    I'm sorry you were down. I'll have to figure out how to video blog and do a post of me blustering around the kitchen doing my Monopoly Man impersonation. It'll either scare you or make you laugh -- either way you're distracted!

  10. A mean spirited little boy? I love it.

    I like to refer to my blog readers as my own personal cult following ;)


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