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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Further comments on the first post

Here's a few further comments from each of us on starting out on the project.

She said:

Well, he wrote the first paragraph. I thought we were going to a wedding or a graduation, since it sounded like a really big event. That's why I decided to put her in a dress.At this point, we were both going in blind. I had no idea where this story would take us, and in fact still don't. Curve balls keep popping up. =DThen I found out we were actually meeting his mother and picking her up at the airport.But as ScoMan said in his post, we were still feeling out each other. It's good fun, though, not knowing which direction we were going. A cyber adventure.

He said:

I wrote the first paragraph thinking "Right, he's all dressed up nice and ready to go out, I don't know where he's going, hopefully Badriyyah decides that with her bit" Well, she thought I had something in mind, but I didn't, so I decided to think of something as unexpected as I could. Something where there was the potential for excitement and a few laughs along the way (you don't think meeting a mother is exciting? You haven't met my mother)I have really been enjoying working on this with Badriyyah. It is hard to plan ahead at all, because you don't know what is going to happen in the next paragraph. And time after time, she leaves me with a challenge to answer.

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