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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The project unveiled!

You may remember me announcing I was working on a "Project" way back here. I'm sure some of you have been on the edge of your seat with anticipation since then. Others are probably thinking "Oh yeah. That thing" And more still will be going "Dude, it's my second day here, I'm still trying to work out where the bathroom is"

Well, whichever category you fall into, the time has come to share the start of the project with you. The project is...

a tandem story with Badriyyah, author of the blog "Life, through my eyes..."

We decided to tackle this task when she wrote a blog titled "Clash of the Two Planets: Venus vs Mars" which featured a humorous tandem story as written for a school assignment. This blog is a must read. You can't help but crack up.

I don't know what we expected when we set out on this task, however as we are now well over the 5,000 word mark and the end is not in sight we are going to share the story with you in instalments.

If you haven't checked out Badriyyah's blog yet it is definately worth a look. She has amazing talent as a writer, and I particularly like this recent entry of hers. I can really relate to that one. Anyway, without further ado, the start of our story!

He straightened his tie and looked in the mirror. He'd known for months this day was coming, but the reality that it had finally arrived had not yet sunk in. Even as he was preparing for the days events, he could not fully comprehend what was ahead of him. He didn't realize what it meant for any of them. October 18th would be a day none of them would ever forget.

She looked at the photograph of him on her dresser. She wondered what he was doing and thinking right now. Was he as excited as she was? He was smiling in the photo, caught in a moment of candid happiness. She loved his smile. She loved his laugh. She glanced at the dress waiting for her on the bed. She should really start getting ready.

He checked his watch. He knew she wouldn't be ready yet. She always got ready in a frantic rush at the last minute, and always managed to take his breath away. Her beauty was effortless. He checked his watch again. If he was going to be at the airport when his mothers plane landed he'd have to leave soon. She'd never taken much interest in meeting his girlfriends in the past. Maybe after 18 months, she knew how serious he was this time.

She picked up the dress, then hesitated. Was it right for this special occasion? It was important to her that everything was perfect today. She checked her watch. Ooops, she thought. She was running a bit behind. If she was late it wouldn't matter how perfect the dress was. She slipped it on and hoped it wouldn't clash with what he was wearing. If he were here, he'd probably nag at her to hurry up. And people thought women were nags.

He got in his car and started heading towards her place. He hoped she was ready. He knew if they were late to the airport, his mother would never let them hear the end of it. Today had to be perfect. It was the day the two most important people in his life would finally meet. He fiddled with the radio. He needed to find something to take his mind off today. "If I don't think about it, I won't stress about it" he thought to himself.

She heard the car approaching. She grabbed her bag and shoes and ran down the stairs. She hated to keep anyone waiting. When the car stopped, she was already at the door, slipping her shoes on. She waved and climbed into the car, noting happily that his tie and shirt didn't clash with her dress. He looked wonderful.

He was pleased she was ready for him when he arrived. She looked perfect. He loved the dress she had chosen for today. If she had let him select the outfit for her (he had volunteered to do so in a moment of panic), that is the dress he would have picked. He scolded himself for being so worried. She'd never let him down before, and she knew how important today was to him. Though it wasn't just important to him he thought, it was her day too.

"I'm so nervous," she told him. "And I'm absolutely starving! I missed breakfast because I was too nervous to eat. Oh gosh, when I meet her the first thing she'll hear is my stomach rumbling!" She began rummaging through her purse but all she found was some lozenges. "Lasagna would be so good right now, " she sighed. She knew she should have listened to her friends and just forced herself to have a few bites before she left.

There you have it. The first eight paragraphs of our story. I think this was sort of a "feeling out" phase. None of us were sure were the story was going and we didn't want to take it there too quickly (a problem we have since overcome. She has been mean to me at times, and left me quite difficult tasks =p) Hope you enjoyed the first instalment!


  1. I may be mean at times, but I'm sweet too! It's about the balance. Too sweet is sickening, and too mean makes me a b***h.
    I like the way you did your unveiling better.
    *applause* [That's me being sweet, before I go back to being mean. =P]

  2. Haha no you're sweet. Never mean. I only called you mean because you keep challenging me, and while I do like a challenge, as Lisa Simpson put it "Duh, a challenge I can do!"

    And I like your unveiling better, but I guess that's human nature. To see only perfection in others but only the flaws in yourself.

  3. Hey Scon, I can't read right now, "hitler" is after me, but I wanted u to know I'll do it later :D bye

  4. Oh, and I'm glad you decided to reveal the project, too bad it doesn't involve spirits though :P

  5. New to your blog, or rather, still looking for the bathroom, is it down the left hall or the right??

    I love love love the project.

  6. Thanks for the support everyone!

    And Hillbilly Duhn, the bathroom is down the right hall, and then when you get to the end make a left. Welcome aboard!

  7. I totally love it!!!!!!!! I wonder if one of them dies...

  8. Thank you Thrice!

    If one of them died, it would be hard on the other one. They'd be left writing the whole story themselves. Right through to the funeral and beyond.

    I'm not saying it won't happen, I'm just saying it's something to think about =p

  9. Hmm... a death? Never even thought of that.
    Thanks for all the support!

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