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Thursday, January 8, 2009

You've got some catching up to do (The Project Part II)

This is part two of a tandem blog written by myself and Badriyyah. You can read the first part here.

Because we left you waiting so long for the first part of our project, we decided to give you another dose almost straight away.

Before I give you any comments or thoughts, have a read.

He smiled. She looked at him in that way that let him know she knew he was up to something. "It's a good thing you're sitting beside a former boy scout," he said "because they always taught me to be prepared." He enjoyed playing with her. She was so cute when she knew she was being played with. He motioned towards the glove compartment and she opened it. He knew she wouldn't have had time for breakfast, so he'd made her a sandwhich before he left. She smiled and he melted.

It was her favourite sandwich too, roast turkey on rye with mayonnaise and black olives. She hated green olives for some unknown reason. She was just about the bite into it when the car in front of them braked suddenly, causing him to brake suddenly as well. She cried out as the sandwich flew out of her hand and watched as the olives fell on her shoes. He started cursing the driver of the car. She started picking up the sandwich from her shoes and dress.

He looked at her dress. "Don't worry, it's fine" he said. He wondered why traffic had stopped ahead. Perhaps there'd be an accident. He certainly hadn't been expecting it. The squeal of brakes behind him woke him from his thoughts and he checked his mirror, just as the car behind slammed into the back of them. The impact shook the car violently, causing her to drop what she had recovered of her sandwich. He couldn't believe their bad luck.

She gasped loudly and turned to look behind. Traffic was at a complete standstill. The driver behind started honking at them, which made her seriously angry. First, she had turkey flung all over her dress and now the jerk behind them was honking at them when it wasn't their fault. That was it. She wound down the window and started yelling at the driver. He replied by honking again. She nearly jumped out of the car to go punch the guy.

While she was yelling at the other driver, he got out of the car to check the damage. The car still looked driveable, but there was a bit of damage to the bodywork at the back end. The other driver was still honking and yelling at her. He normally was not a violent man, but today he was being pushed to his limits. He took ten deep breaths, and walked towards the other car. As calmly as he could, he walked over to the other car to try and get the other drivers insurance information.

Meanwhile, she realised how silly she was acting and popped her head back in the car to pick up the sandwich. Her stomach was rumbling loudly now, from the effort she had spent yelling at the jerk. She tossed the remainder of the poor sandwich out the window and took out some wet wipes to try to get the grease out of her dress. At the rate they were going, they might not reach the airport. His mobile started ringing and she glanced at the incoming number. It was a private number. She looked behind and saw that he was still exchanging information with the other driver, who saw her looking and glared at her. She gave him the finger and smiled sweetly. The phone was still ringing. Should she answer? But she hated answering other people's calls. It felt like an invasion of privacy to her.

He couldn't see what she was doing now, but he just knew she'd upset the other driver because the guy started yelling and screaming at the car again. He gave the guy a shove and said "Leave her out of this. Let's just get this sorted before the traffic starts moving again" The guy shoved him back. He threw his hands up in surrender. He was already likely to be turning up late, his date with food all over her dress and with damage to the back of his car. The last thing he needed was a black eye and a bleeding lip on top of all that. "You're even more of a bitch than she is" the guy said. Today that was all the provocation he needed. He threw the first punch he'd thrown since he used to fight with his brothers as a child.

The phone had stopped ringing. She heard loud voices coming from outside and turned to look. The phone started ringing again, but she ignored it. She stared at the scene outside in disbelief before jumping out of the car and running towards the two men. By the time she reached them, the other driver had a split lip and a bruise was forming on his cheek. Luckily, her guy was unharmed. She pulled on his arm and urged him to get back in the car with her. The other driver started cursing at her, which didn't bode well with her. She kicked him in the stomach, which shut him up. It was her guy's turn to pull on her arm and coax her back into their car. Traffic was beginning to move as well by now.

We started to get a little bit braver here I think. The feeling out stage ended and it became a case of "The story won't progress unless we make it happen"

This is where I think the tandem blogging aspect started to show itself. We never knew what to expect when the other one took control of the story for their input, although and I always eagerly awaited Badriyyah's emails to see where our characters were heading next.

Just a reminder, you can read Badriyyah's blog, "Life, through my eyes..." here


  1. Second blog I get to be first commenter on...Yay for me!

    I like where the story is going. I'm hooked.

    Bathroom - down the hall and to your left... Please remember to put the lid down when you're done. :)

  2. Congrats on being the first commenter Hillbilly Duhn! Nice to hear you're enjoying the story.

    And I will remember.. lid down.. lid down.. lid down..

  3. I actually like this change in...is it.. tone? I like it, it has more action..and black olives!!!!!!! yay!

  4. Thanks Thrice! Yeah, here is where the fun really begins.


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