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Sunday, January 11, 2009

I shall call him...

Remember a few months ago when some psychopath showed up and posted a few entries on my blog? Sure you do, he posted here and here.

These entries are obviously the work of a deranged individual. A real sociopath. And emptiness that dwells within me.

I call him Matt. Matt Cangson. Yes Thrice like you have Ace, Anto and Antonella and Random Hiccups like you have Bertha, I have Matt.

Matt is evil. Matt destroys anyone and anything around him. I'm no shrink but I'm pretty sure Matt has Dissocial Personality Disorder. And that's not all Matt has. Matt has a Facebook. I'm pretty sure that makes him a person in his own right, and me not responsible for his actions.

And I'm glad I'm no longer responsible for his actions. I have a feeling he'll be back soon though. Last night he was screaming, but I was able to control it. Tonight, I hear him whispering, and that's when he's his most dangerous.


  1. I'm pretty sure, there are lots of people who have that inner monster!

    I think I have several....

  2. lol! I'm glad you let them know about Matt! and I'm Matt's friend at Facebook, I even commented on his wall, I love Matt, not only because he is awesome, psycho, crazy and reminds me of Norman Bates, but because he is a part of you :D

  3. Hillbilly Duhn- I look forward to getting to know all of your monsters through your blog.

    Thrice- I'm glad you love Matt. I think he needs love, even if he doesn't love.


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