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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The next stage of the Project (Featuring Sweet'n'Elite)

This is part three of a tandem story written by myself and the fantastic Badriyyah. I know I keep pointing you in the direction of her blog, but it really is a great read and if you haven't checked it out, do so now.
Part one of our story is here.
Part two is here.
Part three is below.

He looked back over his shoulder to get the licence plate of the other man. It was a vanity plate and not hard to remember - "THEONE".
"Sorry I lost my cool" he said to her as they approached the car. It was then he heard his phone was still ringing. He hurried back inside and answered it.
"Hello" he said.
"Hello, are you at the airport?" he heard his brothers voice respond.
"Just on my way now. It's been a rough morning"
"Yeah, I just heard on the radio there was an accident on the freeway, could take them awhile to clear it"
That was the hold up he thought.
"Well we're just starting to crawl again now, so they must have cleared at least a few lanes. I'll call you when we've got mum and are heading to the restaurant."
"Okay, should I call ahead and let them know we might be late?"
"Sure, sounds like a good idea. Call me back when you've spoken to them, bye"
"Bye"He put the phone down and turned to her.
"That was my brother. He's calling the restaurant to let them know we might be a little late. Would you like to call your parents?" he asked, offering her the phone.

She shook her head. "Thanks, but I just spoke to them last night. I told them all about today. Besides, it'll be pretty pricey calling all the way to South Africa at this time, peak rates and all that." She smiled. Her parents were celebrating retirement by traveling around the world. So far, they had gone to Athens, Florence, Madrid, Washington and were now traveling around South Africa. They were really enjoying themselves. She herself was looking forward to her trip to Phuket in a few months' time. However, she hadn't gotten around to telling him about her little trip yet. It was a holiday to celebrate the upcoming wedding.

"Fair enough" he said, sliding his phone back into his pocket. He was glad she had refused. Every time she talked to her mother she was worried his surprise would be ruined. Her mother was a lovely lady, but found it difficult to keep a secret. Especially one this big. He had called her parents one night and organised with them to fly to London with them after her sisters wedding. There, her parents would return to their world tour, and he would propose to her. There was something about London and it's old style buildings. To him they held a certain romance and charm. Although he had worked out the way he wanted to propose to her, he had not yet worked out how to get her on the plane without making her suspicious.

She glanced at him. He had been acting rather out-of-character lately, practically jumping for his phone every time it rang. She wondered if something was wrong with him and had thought to ask him a few times. But he'd always been the type to talk when he was ready and she didn't want to push. The traffic was clearing up rather nicely, and it looked like they just might make it to the airport on time. "I'm going to order the chicken pesto pasta later, I think. And loads of garlic bread. I'm so hungry! And nervous. I hope your mum will like me." She started fidgeting in her seat, as she always did when she was nervous. Perhaps she should tell him about Phuket now? Or wait until they reached the airport. He can't yell at her in front of his mother. Hah. She decided to do just that. But first, she should prepare him. "So, mum and dad are having such a fantastic time traveling. I'm so jealous. I really want to go on a trip too, get a change of scenery." She glanced at him to see his reaction

The fun continued through this section. First she throws me a phone call from an unknown caller, then we finish with both of our characters planning secret trips. Communication, it's the key to any good relationship. If you learn one thing from our story, make sure it's that.

I had also planned on making having both families at the restaurant that evening, lovely isn't it? But apparently Badriyyah didn't want a part of that, and placed one family on another continent. It would have probably become pretty messy though, having that many characters to keep track of.

We still have plenty more of the project to share with you. There are plenty more twists and turns yet to come. As I said, be sure to check out Badriyyah's blog as well. It's a chance for you to hear both side of the story, and see how innocent I was the whole time she was frustrating me with little tests =p


I would also like to take this chance to say that everyone's favourite person was mentioned in Patti Ann's blog here. If you haven't checked out her blog yet (I'm all plugs this evening- but she did call me sweet, so she earned a plug) have a look. It is the most creative layout I have seen, and the entries are always entertaining. (See how sweet I am? Even after she calls me an elitist. But because she called herself an elitist apparently that makes it okay to call me one as well. The thing I think really makes it okay however is that I am an elitist.)

She also gave me a few further ideas for my list, like "I don't dance, but that doesn't mean you can't. You go, have fun, and I'll wait in the car. You'll be gone what?.. Ten minutes?"


  1. hahaha elitist. that made me laugh.

  2. Still reading!! Have to take time out from my book, to slip into your world for just a moment.

    I like it. It's interesting.

    And fine, okay, you've plugged and you've pushed, so I'll be going to visit a new blog today!!

  3. Oh, aren't you a darling! You're such a fantastic publicist. The next time I get called in for an interview, can I bring you along so you can tell them how fabulous I am? Lol. Much love!

  4. Random Hiccups- Thanks!

    Patti Ann - Always nice to get a laugh. That's what I'm here for.

    Hillbilly Duhn- Glad you're still enjoying it. Also nice to know someone has finally listen to me after I begged, pleaded and wept.

    Badriyyah- I would love to go into an interview on your behalf. My fee is 10% of all future earnings.


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