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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Post #51.. The questions continue

After seeing how wonderfully I answered the questions I have been asked so far, two more of my pets decided to email me further questions they would like to see me ask. I'll answer one set today, the other tomorrow.

Today's questions come from my blog sister (my blister? =p) yourstruly100 from "Every day is a little life!!" If you haven't checked out her blog yet, do so. Her ideas and thoughts are quite similar to my own, so if you like my blog, you'll like hers as well right? Logic, it's a wonderful thing. The one thing that may set us apart is her heart of gold. She seems to think very much about ways to improve community around her, and I could probably stand to do more of that.

She wanted them answered spontaneously, and they will be answered as spontaneously as they can be considering I checked my email before work it's just before dinner time (but this was my first chance to blog)

Q1.One wish you pray never comes true for anybody

At first I thought about this trying to think of negative things, but then I looked at it from another angle.

I pray nobody ever gets ultimate and unquestioned control over the world (such as a dictator of the world) Dictatorships lead to death and suffering of the people, and for someone to have that kind of control over the world would make most of the rest of the population miserable. I know a lot of people wish for, or would like to have that sort of power, but I don't think it would be a good thing.

Q2. How do you define smartness??

I think an ability to discuss a lot of different topics or tell stories in an entertaining matter indicate intelligence. It's not so much about what someone can memorise from a book, anyone can re-read a page until it is imprinted into their mind. It's about being able to grasp the concepts of a conversation and valueably contribute.

Q3. Who is your best buddy and what gesture by that person made him or her the best??

I've never had a "best buddy" in the sense of someone I can call just to talk to, or someone I share my deepest and darkest thoughts with. I'm a fairly private person.

I guess my best buddy, purely as a reward for the amount of time he's had to deal with my shit, would be a friend I've known since kinder, which was about 20 years ago now. We hang out together about every four to six weeks, and just have a laugh about life in general. He got also got a posting of an officer role in my newest Facebook group (any excuse to share the name of this one with you..)

Dexter Morgan is an acceptable role model

Q4. If you had a chance and the funds to do some kind of charity work what would it be?

I'm trying to think of a group in need who doesn't already get serviced by another charity or institution. I did like your idea, but I won't steal that (and I won't discuss what it was so people are intrigued and follow the link)

I'm trying to think of something where I could put my existing skill set to use, but numbers can't help the needy.

Even though there are people out there already doing this service, I can't think of a new one, so I'd have to help the kids. The kids who never had a chance because their parents never gave them one.

The kids who come from the homes where the parents are either drunk or drugged most of the day, and make them feel like they can never amount to anything. I'd want to give those kids a chance to be all they can be, and not be held back by their parents negligence.

I guess the best way to do that would be through education centres.

Q5. One memory that hurt you most back then but you laugh about it today.

The one that springs to mind is back in high school some of my friends were doing the thing with a group of girls where "you go out with my friends and I'll go out with your friends." One day, two of my friends were talking about the girls and one of them said "I don't get what she's doing there though. She's like Scotty with us, she just doesn't belong"

At the time I thought "Wow, and here I was thinking I belonged" Now though I look back and realise I didn't fit in there. I don't fit in anywhere. I'm just an entertainer with no serious connections.

Thanks again to yourstruly100 for the questions. I had fun answering them. Remember to check out her blog. It will make me happy. Don't you want to make me happy?

I have another set of questions lined up for tomorrow. I've had a sneak peek and I am really looking forward to answering them.

Because we have discussed spontaneity and intelligence today I'm going to share some quotes from a book I'm reading. The following is from an interview between a Psychiatrist (Irvine) and a prisoner (Blake)

Blake: We assume we control our minds when we don't. They're so easily manipulated. Make a man destitute and you make him envious. Make him wealthy and you make him proud. Saints and sinners are the only free thinkers in a governed society.
Irvine: Which are you?
Blake: Neither. I'm incapable of free thought. My mind is bound.
Irvine: By what?
Blake: By the same thing as yours, doctor. By intellect. You're too sensible to act against your own interests, therefore your life lacks spontaneity. You will die in the chains you've made for yourself.
Irvine: You were arrested for stealing. Wasn't that acting against your own interests?
Blake: I was hungry
Irvine: You think it's sensible to be in prison?
Blake: It's cold outside
Irvine: Tell me about these chains I've made for myself
Blake: They're in your mind. You conform to the patterns of behaviour that others have prescribed for you. You will never do what you want because the tribe's will is stronger than yours.


Irvine: It's a very bleak philosophy, Billy. Is there no room for happiness in your life?
Blake: I get drunk whenever I can
Irvine: Does that make you happy?
Blake: Of course, but then I define happiness as intellectual absence. Your definition is probably different.

The Echo- Minette Walters

Two days in a row of long quotes. I hope they were read after the effort I went to to type them!


  1. Thankyou for answering all!! Impressive answers! :)
    I wish I could send you more creative questions- I'll send some more as soon as I find time.

    And thanks for the lovely words! Blbro(:P)[logically it follows blister]

  2. Damn you're mean! This isa really long post!!!! I'll have to read it tonight...sorry.. (and yes, I'm leaving a comment because you already know I've been here, thanks to my blog-stalking tool, so I can't play the fool :P)

  3. yourstruly100- It was the great questions that enabled me to provide impressive answers, so thank you. And Blbro might follow logically, but BloBro sounds better.

    Thrice- I don't check that blog stalking thing often, so you can sneak in and out as you please. And it's not my fault the post was long, all of these question asking ones it's always the person who asked the questions fault.


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