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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Stay out of the kitchen.. bathroom.. bedroom.. study..

I'm typing this to you now from my parents place.

This state is experiencing its worst heatwave in over 100 years. 3 days in a row have hit 43 degrees or more (110 degrees Farenheit), and that is in the city, it's much worse in the country towns.

Today is up there again. I haven't heard the official temperatures, but I know it's over 40. As it will be tomorrow, as it will be Monday.

A lot of animals are finding it hard to live. I've heard stories on the radio about possums falling out of trees, some will drink water offered by people, others won't, and sadly end up dying. I've seen a pigeon saved by a coworker that was struggling in the street outside our office when he went to lunch. He gave it plenty of water and left it in the shade out the back of the office with a water dish. I've seen the ants that flocked to that dish within the space of a few hours. And my parents dog would have met it's end yesterday had my mum not come home from work early.

And my little flat, bless it, is an oven (hence a visit to the parents was in order). A big window in the study which catches the morning sun and big windows in the lounge and bedroom which catch the afternoon sun (but at least they have awnings- stupid study) The only comfortable place is right in front of the air conditioner reading, watching TV or trying to sleep. The bedroom, the study, the bathroom, if you go there, you don't want to stay for long. As I type this I remember that I have left the door to the study closed. With the morning sun that room will be hot tomorrow, maybe I'll just leave the door closed until winter.

So, if I haven't been commenting on your blogs, now you know why. I'm avoiding the study as best I can. It's not that I don't love you my pets, because I do, but I'm just not willing to suffer for you.


  1. Hmm.. that is the temperature here too during summers.. maybe 40 or something usually- try fruit juices, keep hydrating yourself. Wear cotton clothes... I guess it will be fine!!

  2. OMG! Poor Scon! I'm so sorry you're almost boiling there...I am boiling here too...it's like 38 and super weird, feels like living in a desert.. I got badly sunburnt at the camping..I'm dying :(

  3. yourstruly100- You're probably used to it over there. My poor little Aussie self isn't. But it's the flat worse than anything, the airconditioner is failing me and the heat is being trapped inside.

    Thrice- I might be boiling but at least I'm not sunburnt. Sucks you got sunburnt. I'm lucky enough to not have to go outdoors.

  4. We are experiencing weather at 43degrees F. Which means, I'm cold.

    I feel bad for the animals, poor things.

    Hope you find a way to stay cooler!!

  5. C.J Koster- Maybe Mr Burns had the right idea on the Simpsons when he blocked it out.

    Hillbilly Duhn- It is a shame about the animals. At least the people are able to try and protect themselves, the animals can't.


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