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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Me in 20 words

I first read about this challenge at yourstruly100's blog "Everyday is a little life" (the exact post is here) The challenge is to describe yourself in just twenty words (a good thing for those of you who were sick of my rambling posts.)

The challenge hits me on two levels.
1/ I hate describing myself
2/ the aforementioned rambling

So, without further ado, my twenty words.

Cold. Warm. Considerate. Uncaring. Witty. Slow. I can't be who you want me to be, so I wear my masks.


  1. That doesn't look like 20 words. I think you need some colourful happy words.. like.. Humorous, Eclectic, Introverted, Observant.. something along those lines..?? =D

  2. One of the things I don't like about describing myself is the fear I might come across as arrogant, so that takes most of the happy words off the table unfortunately.

    But thank you for your kind words =)

  3. Meh - !! Self confidence isn't arrogance. Look at me and how I talk my fine ass up! Bahaha!!!! I'd rather be considered "arrogant" than self conscious and unhappy in that department..

    Think of some colourful about you words would you? :)

  4. D is using "meh! as well!!!!!
    I think they do describe you, but I would add more kindness and politeness and entertainment, Scon! You're awesome, come on, you forgot to add that word! AWESOME!

  5. D & Thrice - I don't like talking myself up. And, it seems people already know how great I am, so what would be the point in telling them again? That would have wasted words, when I only had 20 to use =D

  6. Nice effort!! I am really glad you actually did it!

    hmm.. Even if you wear masks- you wear the right ones! So- that is what sets you apart from other cold.uncaring... people!

    Witty! is nice! ;)

  7. I'm glad I did it too. It was a challenge =D

    And yes, I like to think I am a cut above the other cold people.

  8. 1. Great 2. Talented 3. Writer 4. Generous [on] 5. Comments 6. Loyal 7. Reader 8. Fantastic 9. & 10. Project Player

    Hehe... I got 10 there. Well, I cheated a bit.

  9. I like your 10 words Badriyyah!


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