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Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Years Day

Ten and a half hours
I've been here before
But not like this
Not for such an extended period of time
I'm excited
It's all new
I'm vulnerable
And I like it
Ten and a half hours
Some old friends didn't make it back
Some new friends arrived on the scene
Breaking only to eat
To go to the bathroom
The longest break of six minutes was to do the dishes
Other than that
I sat
His name is Dexter Morgan
And I journeyed through his world again

And because I like to end on a quote, I chose one from the show. This one is especially for Eck and Thrice

"I am Switzerland"
Dexter Morgan - "Dexter" Series 2 Episode 8


  1. Would you think I was a weirdo if I didn't know who Dexter Morgan is?

    At least there is always Wiki...

  2. I'm sure there are plenty of people who don't know who he is.

    He has his little cult following, but he isn't mainstream.

  3. 've been a fan since the first season. I don't even think its out in france yet. Or maybe it is but the horrible french voices would probably kill the fun.

  4. Series two hasn't hit free to air here yet. But I got the DVDs after it was on pay tv.

    Series three I think starts on pay soon.

  5. I like the show and especially the character, but I haven't seen it too often...so I'm sorry to disappoint you, I don't understand the quote :( but I luv you still! lol

  6. Well, normally I am the UN, but this time, I'm Switzerland.

    Either way, I'm neutral.

  7. will get back to this post after some research!

    Clueless!! :|

  8. Research? Start at Wikipedia. My first (and last) point of call.


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